Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chow chosen as course material for UBC Department of English, Asian Diasporic Literatures, 2016-17

Chow chosen as course material for Professor Glenn Deer's English 480 class, Asian Diasporic Literatures, Department of English, The University of British Columbia, 2016-2017.
"Food, cook and eating are biologically necessary and socially powerful: we cook food to survive, but also to reinforce social bonds, to celebrate tradition, to evoke memories of home, to compete with other cooks, to impress the eater, and even to beguile and seduce. This course will explore food in literature, in cookbook selections, and films across different cultures and nations, including Asian North American and local Vancouver contexts. Readings will include theories of foodways and books by Maxine Hong-Kingston (The Woman Warrior) Gish Jen (Typical American), Fred Wah (Diamond Grill), and Madeleine Thien (Simple Recipes). Tasteful excerpts from local cookbook/memoirs (Chow), by Janice Wong and the renowned Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala will be sampled. Films will include Juzo Itami's Japanese "noodle western" Tampopo, Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, and the restaurant documentaries of Cheuk Kwan..."

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