Friday, October 06, 2006

Gremolata chooses CHOW as top pick for the holidays

Gremolata 4-star rating: Gremolata's Dean Tudor made this one of his 2006 top picks for the holidays! Gremolata's is an online newsletter from Toronto...helping readers to eat and drink well, by providing timely information about local, seasonal and specialty ingredients.

This book has just won a Cuisine Canada Gold medal for best English language book celebrating "Canadian Food Culture." It is by Janice Wong. She has written a memoir about her dad’s Chinese-Canadian cafes in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She presents a collection of 50 or so family recipes, plus early photographs, immigration documents, 1940s restaurant menus, and handwritten recipes that trace the history of some of the Canadian Prairies’ first ethnic restaurants. And there is an index.

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