Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dishing up Chow for TV and Radio


CBC | On The Coast |
Interview with Priya Ramu, October, 2005

CBC | Early Edition | Pacific Palate | Chinese Food In Canada
This week my guest was Janice Wong, author of Chow: From China to Canada: Memories of Food and Family. It's published by Whitecap Books at $24.95. Interview with Don Genova, 6min:33 | October 18, 2005

CBC | Sounds Like Canada
Janice Wong uses food in her new book to take us on a journey through her family's history. Her cookbook, "Chow", is a collection of her father's recipes. The son of Chinese immigrants in Victoria, her father went on to open two Chinese restaurants in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Janice tells her family's story to Shelagh. 22min:48 | October 21, 2005
to a podcast of this interview [podcast date August 30, 2006, "Asian Food Fest"]

CFUN | Best of Food and Wine
Kasey Wilson and Anthony Grismondi interview Janice Wong about her new book "Chow", 11min:26 | October 22, 2005

CBC | BC Almanac | Food For Thought | Chinese Food in Canada
My guest today was Janice Wong, author of Chow, From China to Canada: Memories of Food and Family. It's published by Whitecap Books. It's the fascinating story of Janice's family as they became part of Canadian cultural history by operating a Chinese food restaurant in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Part of the book includes recipes handed down to Janice and her siblings by her father. Interview with Don Genova, 6min:29 | October 26, 2005

CBC | North By Northwest
Chow is a new book of recipes and family stories from artist Janice Wong. (Whitecap Books) Her father ran a restaurant in Prince Albert Saskatchewan for many years and Janice was just back there for a book launch.
LISTEN to part 1
LISTEN to part 2

Interview with Sheryl Mackay, 18min:12 | November 13, 2005

CBC | Saskatchewan | Noon Edition
"Chow" is one of two cookbooks up for discussion as CBC Saskatchewan covers food and history for the 2005 Homecoming.
Interview with Rosalie Woloski, 10min:09 | December 29, 2005

CBC | Fresh Air | Toronto
Fresh Air's Jeff Goodes talks with Janice Wong about her book "Chow." 19min:24 | January 25, 2006

CBC | Freestyle | Vancouver
Hosts Cameron Phillips and Kelly Ryan chat with Janice Wong. 8min.14 | February 10, 2006

CFRB | John Donobie Show | Toronto
John Donobie interviews Janice Wong about her new book Chow: From China to Canada. 3min.39 | March 17, 2006

102.7 FM | Co-op Radio | Vancouver
Interview with Joyce Lam and Grace Kim | November 24, 2006



CityTV | Vancouver | CityCooks with host Simi Sara | October 18, 2005

CTV | Prince Albert | Interview with Don Mitchell | November 8, 2005

Shaw Studio4 | Vancouver | Interview with Fanny Keifer | January 27, 2006

CityTV | Toronto | Breakfast Television with Kevin Frankish | January 31, 2006

Rogers Cable | Toronto | Fine Print interview with host Caroline Weaver

CBC | "Lotusland Saskatchewan" Documentary by Costa Maragos | November 29, 2006

CBC National | "Back to the Lotus" Documentary by Costa Maragos | December 22, 2006

CBC | "Generations - The Chan Legacy" | Documentary by Halya Kuchmij | airing July 2007 on CBC NEWSWORLD

Fairchild Television | Edmonton | Interview for Edmonton Literary Festival | October 23, 2009

from various events

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